Saturday, April 18, 2009

low motivation

hmm.. here's the story.. I got 11 days to write my thesis..i haven't started a word.. is it professional procrastination in action? but I feel kinda demotivated to do anything related to studies.. I got an assignment due day after tomorrow which i haven't even read about it yet.. It seems like in this last semester of my studies, I'm at the most lazy stage of my study life.. but I can't afford to go on like this.. I HAVE TO DO SOMETHING.. I tell myself.. hmm.. will I be able to pull through? final exams are on its way too.. exactly 24 days away from now..

It's weird.. when I'm working, i feel like studying..when i'm studying, it's the other way.. so seems like we human always like to think that the grass is greener on the other side..but it isn't really that way.. maybe for some people only.. Well, I should at least savor the last few weeks of my student life and do my best in this final battle hehe.. oh well got work to do now (not study related).. so many distractions.. oh ya and lately I have been very amazed by black gospel music.. black drummers, black mamas singing, black organist.. I'm not a racist..but they totally rock in terms of music and groove.. It's like they're born with the talent.. life is unfair somewhat.. Maybe I should start my music practise routines.. at least 2 hours a day.. lol

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